• Make a card to cheer somebody up.

You need to create or choose a picture for your card and to think carefully about what you
want to write in it.
Apart from the card, can you think of anything else you could do to help somebody to feel better or happier?

  • Draw an emoji. You can create a new one or draw one of how you’re feeling now or perhaps how you’d like to feel.
  • What makes a good friend?

Try drawing an outline of a body.
Choose some words that describe what makes a good friend.
You can put these words inside the person you’ve drawn.
You can include colours without words, shapes, pictures, smells, music and sounds if you like.

  • In Kariad’s show, there was a character called Fyrnon.

I wonder what would be your favourite pet?
You can create your own animal and it can be anything you like, a mixture of things even!
Describe what it looks like – what colour or colours?
Has it got a special smell?
How does your animal feel when you stroke it?
Does it have a name?
I wonder what your animal likes to eat?
What do you like about your pet?
Does your pet do anything that gets on your nerves or make you angry?
What’s your favourite thing you like doing with your pet?

  • Kariad loved learning magic with her Grandad.
I wonder if you enjoy being with somebody who teaches you how to do new things?
  • What could you teach somebody to do?
  • Your magic character –
What would your costume be like?
You could try designing or drawing one.
Does your magic character have a special name?
If you used magic in your magic show, what would the music be?
  • Choose one of the magic tricks from the magic workshop.
Create a story to tell when you’re doing your magic trick.
Sometimes television programmes have magicians performing for them.
If you were asked to be on television, you’d need to know how long your performance lasts.
It might be a good idea to time your performance in case you get asked to perform on television!
  • Why don’t you do a magic show for your friends?
You can do this over the internet for your friends anywhere in the world!
Remember to practise!
  • Make a memory book – pictures with a sentence or more if you prefer.
It could include pictures of you with your favourite toy, pet, friend, or a family member.
You could make a comfort box with things in it that you enjoy. There may be something in it that you like the smell of or perhaps a favourite book?
  • What’s your favourite song and why?

Have fun listening to your favourite song and doing a happy dance!

  • The children could make a ‘feelings thermometer’ from 1-10.
Number 10 is when they feel at their worst.
Where would they put themselves on the thermometer?
I wonder where they’d put themselves on the thermometer after doing some breathing exercises or after spending quiet time with their favourite toy or stroking something tactile?
  • Finish these sentences:
I feel love when I…
I feel guilty when I…
I feel confident when I…
I feel lonely when I…
I feel uncertain when I…
I feel grateful when I…
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What’s your favourite smell?
  • What do you do when you’re feeling sad or lonely?
  • Daily Gratitude – reflecting on things that we’re grateful for can help shift our attention away from negative emotions. Instead of dwelling on negative emotions, re-living a positive one.

Encourage writing or saying three daily gratitudes. One can be enough to begin with.



  • Grandad’s Island gan Benji Davies.
  • Sometimes I feel Sad by Tom Alexander.
  • When Sadness Comes to Call gan Eva Eland.
  • The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse – Charlie Mackesy.
  • What do you do with your problem? – Kobi Yamada.
  • Me and My Fear gan Francesca Sanna.
  • The Colour Thief (a family’s story of depression) gan Andrew Fusek Peters&Polly Peters.
  • Rabbit Magic – Meg McLaren.

The Color Monster – Anna Llenas


The Color Monster – Anna Llenas

The Little Prince





The Book of Life

Canvas (Netflix)

Vivo (Netflix)


Try Everything-Shakira (Zootropolis movie)

Don’t Hide Your Magic Emily Arrow

Hakuna Matata- The Lion King
This is Me – The Greatest Showman


PLAY | 5 Magic Tricks Kids Can DO!

6 EASY Magic Tricks KIDS CAN DO!



Have fun listening to your favourite song and doing a happy dance!

Bet Huws

made my amazing costume

Kristina Banholzer

Branding and photography

Rhys Edwards


Sïan Angharad

animation and video editing

Gwasg y Bwthyn

published the original book

Bangor library



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